Telanagana Council of Higher Education (TGCHE) Logo is embedded within 3 layers of circles using Gold and Green colors. Outer circle and inner circle with gold color denote inner wisdom, quality, prosperity and victory. It evidently represents Bangaru Telangana concept. Green colored circle depicts growth, harmony, self-reliance, reliability and practicality with which TSCHE intends to function.

Inner circle is filled with gold color in the shape of stretched hands making a shelter roof. It represents the Telangana Government’s intention of making higher education industry-relevant and world-class with special care and planning.

Inner circle has a white colored Shield Shape that evidently represents distinctive identity and spotless sincerity. The shield shape is included with a Blue colored book that represents peace, professionalism, loyalty, reliability, honor, trust, stability and professionalism. It gives the confidence that TSCHE is destined to nurture knowledge endeavors with quality higher education in Telangana.

Pink colored raising sun is associated with qualities such as compassion, nurturing, futurecentric approach, warmth, hope, etc. It symbolizes the rise of new positive energy in action in the state of Telangana.

The shield shape is planked with Green colored Ribbon embossed with its adage “Knowledge through Equity”. It exemplifies the primary objective of enabling equality for all students to get access for quality education with the right mix of theory and practical orientation.

The name TELANGANA STATE COUNCIL OF HIGHER EDUCATION evidently communicates Telangana Government’s purpose of inculcating peace, harmony and confidence in the lives of young students with world-class higher education.

Overall, the TSCHE Logo epitomizes the collective efforts, intent and vision of imparting industry ready and quality-driven higher education for students of Telangana.